The Tyranny of Either/Or Thinking

“Either we sell products or we sell services.  You can’t be good at both.  They are fundamentally different businesses.”  This is common wisdom in the computer business. The Product business is driven by fulfillment rates and the Services business is ruled by utilization.  The operating principles of Utilization are very different from Fulfillment.  This isContinue reading “The Tyranny of Either/Or Thinking”

Tim Cook’s Clear Impact on Apple’s Culture

Wow!  Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO was interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek about the reason that Scott Forstall was fired from Apple.  He said it was due to, “my deep belief that collaboration is essential for innovation.”  He add a level of detail when he said,  “You look at what we are great at. There are many Continue reading “Tim Cook’s Clear Impact on Apple’s Culture”

Managing Stress

There is ample evidence that meditation has very positive effects for the individuals who have a regular practice.  Some reports indicate that one out of nine people have a personal practice of meditation.  Research indicates that people who practice meditation experience a greater ability to manage stress and we all know that stress is aContinue reading “Managing Stress”