New Practices

Business Today

In today’s business environment where every company is frantically trying to figure out their next pathway to a more profitable relationship with their customers the pace of change has increased.  The pressure that people are feeling in the workplace is intense.  Doing more with less is the new normal and job descriptions seem like something from an antiquated past.

Initiating a program in the workplace where employees can learn to calm while gaining clarity is more than a good idea.  Today’s organizations need new practices that improve results in three critical areas:

  1. We spend so much time in meetings that produce so little.  When the individuals who come to a meeting are experiencing stress the consequences are poor listening which comes from excessive mind wandering, poor working memory and high emotional reactivity. Starting meetings with a practice of Group Presence is needed. Listening is dramatically improved with this practice.
  2. Tough, complicated challenges need a new way of processing.  Endless loops of logic, spreadsheets and powerpoints have their limit.  A practice of Higher-Mind Processing helps to cut to the core of any issue in lightening speed.  Innovation is taken to new levels with this practice.
  3. Today’s employees are not engaged.  Passion is missing and work just seems like a series of meaningless tasks.   We do our best to look good but in reality we are hiding the best part of ourselves because the risk-reward equation is unbalanced.  Heads might be engaged but hearts need activation.  A practice of Heart Intelligence is beneficial because seeing people at the heart creates more compassion moving beyond bruised egos and entrenched opinions.  Collaboration is taken to new heights with this practice.

The Result

Organizations that implement basic meditation practices will be more productive.  Those that build on top of that with Group Presence, Higher-Mind Processing and Heart Intelligence will move more quickly and with less struggle.