Leadership Coaching

Organizations need to navigate through, and out of the pandemic with a new brand of leadership. It relies much less on command and control and much more on engagement. A lack of skill can be a stumbling block but all too often what is missing is a level of leadership consciousness. My coaching brings these two avenues together in a powerful manner.

Bringing two paths into convergence


Influencing others

Influencing Skills
Using Influence instead of power of title or position

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic motivation – using both and knowing when

Chosen vs. Assigned Accountability

Understanding the dynamics of Authority and how Accountability actually works including delegation of authority

Effective Feedback
Providing Feedback that actually works

Change Management
Understanding the dynamics of change and how to lead at what stage

Escalating Issues
Making escalation the only reasonable course of action when confronted with something you don’t agree with

Negotiating Priorities
Working with others to come to an agreement on priorities, deadlines and outcomes

Effective meetings that produce real outcomes

Creating space for dialogue where the leader doesn’t have to know the answer

Developing the ability to coach through three levels, asking great questions and listening at a generative level


Nailing down the leader’s “why”

Learning how to manage stress, develop better coping skills, improved emotional regulation and higher levels of resilience

Whole System Thinking
Breaking down dualistic thinking and building the capacity to see shades of grey, learning to resolve polarities and embrace paradoxes

Adopting new habits that increase altruism, generosity and self-control

Gratitude and Forgiveness
Learning how to bring the most important practice for increasing relationship quality into play

The importance of bringing love into the equation

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