The Coaching Process

The Process

Leadership Coaching programs offered are for individuals. Typically, the length of the engagement is either 3 months or 6 months. What you can expect:

Introductory Call – discuss intentions and any key issues that need to be addressed

Interviews – Up front meetings with key stakeholders to gather a 360 degree view

Assessment – A 360 Leadership Development Report that focuses on values and values alignment

Coaching Calls – Scheduled every two weeks these calls will be 60 minutes in length and will focus on either leadership skills or leadership consciousness

Observation – Opportunities for me to join meetings to observe leaders in action which will provide greater context and allow for more complete feedback

Materials – Concepts shared electronically to support understanding and development

Un-scheduled calls – Support for in-the-moment challenges – 15 mins in length – scheduled as available

“Nick brings a unique blend of talent to his work as a coach – great experience with leading and great insight into human nature.”

Coaching Client

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