Executive Coaching

As a former executive I know the challenge.  We get promoted because we are capable.  And yet, every promotion puts us in situations that involve less time and more uncertainty.  If the problems could have been solved by our people they wouldn’t be on our desks.  Right?  As a result we are asked to make quick decisions on things that simmered for far too long on someone else’s desk.  PRESSURE!

In a perfect world we are surrounded by caring, supportive colleagues and we are able to work through the challenges appropriately.  In a more typical environment there are at least a few people that would like to see us fail and even if that isn’t the case we have high standards for ourselves and we want to keep advancing in the organization.  In order to do that we need to be successful.

Stress seems to be the norm in business these days.  So many balls in the air and so many challenges we are attempting to wrestle to the ground.   So what to do about stress?

When I ask executives how they manage stress most people have a strategy.  Some of the things I have heard:

  • go to the gym
  • have a long bath at night
  • go for a long drive
  • listen to music
  • go for a walk at lunch

These all work.  The trouble is that they take time and when deadlines are looming there just has to be a better way.  Thankfully there is.  There are some simple practices that can be learned quickly that will help you stay in control and on your A-game.   My approach is to show you 4 different techniques – have you practice them over a period of ten sessions and help you to identify what works for you and when.  That’s it.  You are unique and discovering what works for you is the key.  The next time your boss calls and yells at you or your team – you will know what to do to stay calm and centred.